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If you want a carefree vacation full of unique experiences, then you can put your confidence in one of the rooms available in the hotel complex Lebada Luxury Resort & SPA in the Danube Delta. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone in case you need additional information to complete your holiday booking with us.

Contact Details

  • Address : Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
  • Phone : +40-729-669-933
  • Email :
  • Website :

Contact Details For Corporate Events & Groups

  • Phone: : +40-799-934-684
  • Email: :
  • Working Time : Monday - Friday 09-18

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Dare to step inside the place furnished by nature and designed by imagination. Romantic escape, family vacation, no matter the reason, Lebada Luxury Resort & SPA is the place where you can enjoy unique moments in the heart of nature.
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