Lebada Luxury Resort & SPA takes family matters seriously. We know that in order to regain the perfect inner order, our guests’ families need child friendly spaces, where to feel safe to let their children to enjoy their vacation too. And because we believe in the freedom of discovering new thing, we have specially conceived for children a magical playground that makes children and teenagers want to play and explore.

As for the sunny hot days, we have special pergolas that protects children from the sun, allowing them to keep playing as long as they feel like, no restrictions.

We also encourage learning family time.

And, as the Danube Delta is a unique natural landing, we invite our guests to spend time in the nature by choosing to yacht and to discover the wild unique nature of the Danube Delta, to go fishing in special designed areas or to explore the horizon through our Observatory Tower.

Outdoor activities offered for the good time spending of our guest:

Multifunctional field with synthetic grass and nocturne

Recreation boats for exploring the biosphere natural reservation

Private unloading dock

Observatory tower

Organized fishing session

Outdoor sun chairs area for sunbathing

Children playground

Explore Nature

From relaxing days inside the resort to adventure holidays spent exploring the unique natural landscape of the Danube Delta, which include UNESCO World Heritage sites, animals and birds, our goal is to create an escape that perfectly suits the needs and expectations of our guests.

People say that one must see and touch to believe!

And we also believe it’s true. That is why, our resort has a private unloading dock with recreation boats specially brought to take guests in the heart of the Danube Delta to explore with the eyes, soul and body this unique corner of nature created by God and protected by humans.

And with the precious help of locals that are the actual guardians of this wonderful land, we have created 5 personalized sightseeing tours for our interested guests. The medium length of a boat trip is up to 3 hours and every route is unique, takes tourists in a lifetime journey, different, special, unforgettable

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